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Who is this for?

This is an invite-only event for key stakeholders interested in how the future will impact public markets. Our gathering features 100 of the most prominent public market and private equity investors in India.

However, a few seats have been reserved for people who believe they can add value and benefit from being a part of the community. Please apply here if you would like to request an invite.


Venue & Date

| 14th June, 2019 |
| Mumbai |

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 What is FutureBets?

FutureBets is a unique immersive salon for the top fund managers, investors, and market enthusiasts to get a first-hand experience of the main drivers of change in Public Markets. We have identified key disruptors of value, ranging from crypto-currencies to artificial intelligence, from bio-printing to climate change.


The Game of Tomorrow

Experience a special immersive session on markets of 2040.

64/1 brings its immersive foresight-based stock-exchange game to Future Bets. This is a new twist on traditional talks, where participants will apply their knowledge and intuition in an energizing, fast-paced activity, set in the future. They will not only internalize drivers of disruption, but more importantly, act on them in a curated hands-on experience. At FutureBets, we believe in assimilating learnings through action, ensuring that the takeaways keep unfolding long after the conference is over. This is a new generation of conference, which is no longer didactic, but dynamic.

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Featured Speakers Include :

Lalitesh Katragadda
Inventor of Google Maps

Sunil Rao
Start-Up Ecosystem Expert |
Venture Capitalist

Nikhil Kumar
Creator - BHIM |
Fin-Tech Expert

Vishal Gurbuxani
VC (Uber, SpaceX) |
Tech + Media Expert

Praneet Kumar
Corporate Lawyer |
Blockchain Evangelist

Alok Anil

Vasanth Kamath
Agrotech Expert

Sriram Kuchimanchi
Sustainability & Policy Expert

Dr Karthik Kalyanaraman
Futurist |
PhD. (Econometrics) Harvard

Raghava KK
Creativity Expert |
4 x TED Speaker

Rohit Varma Alluri
Blockchain & Trading Expert


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